Corporate Philosophy

In the field of diseases specific to women, don't you agree that the development of medical devices from a woman's point of view is uncommon?
In addition, the nature of medical conditions specific to women make it difficult for women to speak out about.
At Mitsui Medical Japan, our corporate philosophy is to make a significant contribution to society by addressing these women-specific medical issues as a voice for women from the perspective of women.

Message from the President

Keiko Mitsui photo

FemiCushion was created with the expectations of many patients.

Many women suffer from pelvic organ prolapse in silence because the nature of the disease makes it hard to speak up about. With the limited treatment options available, many women wonder "how am I going to live my life from now on?"

We have received many comments from patients who have used FemiCushion, and they informed us "my pelvic organ prolapse disappeared" and "I can do things I could not do before.”
We hope to continue to help as many patients as possible.

Company Profile

Company Name
Mitsui Medical Japan Inc.
Head office location
〒104-0061 1-12-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo N&E BLD 5F
Komagome Sales Office
1-31-10 Komagome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0003
Telephone number
Fax number
December 4, 2006
20 million yen
Keiko Mitsui
Business Content
Development, manufacturing and sales of medical equipment
Contract development and design of medical equipment
Application support for the medical equipment industry
Permits, etc.
Second-class medical device manufacturing and sales business
Medical equipment manufacturing industry
Sales and rental of highly controlled medical equipment

Business information

Research and development, manufacturing and sales of medical equipment

  • Research and development: Research and development of medical devices for the treatment or prevention of diseases specific to women.

  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing under a quality management system for medical devices based on international standards

  • Sales: Post-sales safety management based on understanding of usage

Pharmaceutical business and product application support

<Contents of support>

  • Medical device manufacturing and marketing approval (certification) application/notification

  • License application for medical device manufacturing and sales business, etc.

  • Establishment of GQP/GVP for medical device manufacturing and sales business

  • Construction of QMS for the medical device manufacturing industry

  • Medical equipment repair business operation system construction

  • Medical device sales business operation system construction

*We will consult with you individually.

Contract development and design of medical equipment

  • Medical equipment
    • (1) Medical device class: Class 1, 2
    • (2) Classification of medical equipment: physiotherapy medical equipment (e.g. low frequency therapy equipment), home medical equipment

Contract manufacturing

  • Medical equipment (after obtaining medical equipment manufacturing license)

  • Health/beauty device

  • Elemental devices and parts for medical devices, health and beauty devices, etc.

  • Sales of medical equipment or introduction of customers

  • Medical equipment repair

* Target medical devices are subject to consultation.

Privacy policy

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About Personal Information

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Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

We collect personal information on this site for the following purposes.
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・For information on new services, campaign information, etc.
・To improve the convenience of the site, aggregate and analyze our statistical data.

Management of Personal Information

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However, we may disclose personal information with or without your consent in the following cases
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