Is FemiCushion covered by insurance? I want to cure pelvic organ prolapse with insurance coverage

How to Cure Pelvic Organ Prolapse With Insurance-Covered Treatment?

The most common types of treatment options covered by insurance for pelvic organ prolapse is pessary or surgery. Pessaries are fairly inexpensive, but undergoing surgery can cost a lot even if it is covered by insurance.

Problems With Pessary Use

Pessaries are covered by insurance and are inexpensive, but it requires regular doctor visits (every two to three months), vaginal cleaning, and replacement. In addition, the risk of infection and complications for pessary use is high. Therefore, it is important to use pessaries under the careful supervision of a doctor.

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FemiCushion Is Not Covered by Insurance

FemiCushion is graded as a Class I medical device which falls into the category of individual patient purchase. This also means that it does not require a doctor’s prescription and can be purchased at hospital shops, drug stores, online, etc., making it easily accessible for patients who want to quickly relieve pelvic organ prolapse discomfort. In addition, since it is a medical device, the receipt can be used for tax returns and we are also able to accommodate patients on public assistance.

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Cost for FemiCushion

The initial and running costs of Femi Cushion are summarized in a table.

Initial/Continuing Cost Item Cost (excluding tax) Frequency
Initial Cost Femi Cushion Starter Kit 23,000 yen to 28,000 yen One time only
Ongoing Cost Cushion 2,000 yen Once every 6 month
Holder 2,000 yen (3,000 yen for L size) Once every six months
Disposable holder 3,000 yen Once every 1.5 months
Supporter 12,000 yen Once a year

*Costs may differ from patient to patient depending on the usage and care of the device.

Cases When Subsidies Can Be Used

FemiCushion is a medical device. Please keep your receipt of purchase to claim the medical expense deduction when you file your tax return.The actual amount of deduction depends on the income of each individual, so please contact your tax accountant for details.

Public Assistance

Medical assistance for the purchase of medical equipment may be available for those receiving public assistance.
In Kanagawa Prefecture, the details may be found here.

*Please let us know if you have any other questions.
If you are receiving public assistance, please notify your teacher and case worker in advance. A certificate from a medical institution is required for each municipality’s dedicated form.

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